Woman Wednesday: Charli B.

Q and A with Charli B., from Sydney, Australia; born and raised in Brisbane, Australia.

“We are growing in a world that is rapidly changing and open to change. It’s time, now more then ever, to start believing in yourself and creating a life you’re proud of.”

Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: I’m passionate about changing the way women view the lifestyle we are trained to believe is the way of life. I don’t believe we have to go to university to get a degree to then work a 9-to-5 job we hate to survive. I believe in living—living to your worth, your passions, and doing what you love, which is why I became a business coach. [I want] to teach women that there’s more to life than the 9-5 and to help them to believe in themselves and to take a chance on themselves. I’m a 19-year-old entrepreneur who skipped university to create a life for herself and family. At 19, I was given the position of head of marketing as the marketing and engagement manager in a financial company. I also run my own successful, international business and run it all by myself. I’m not saying this to show of; I’m saying this to show you it’s possible. Trust yourself and believe in yourself enough to take a chance.

Q: What were your younger years like?

A: Four years ago, while I was in high school, my life was accompanied by loneliness and depression. Life felt so ordinary, empty, and predictable. It was mundane, and I felt unfulfilled. I started to notice the negativity I was surrounding myself with and the life I had built. I realized that I was merely surviving. I was annoyed at the world and above all, annoyed at myself. I felt alone, unwanted, and betrayed. How do all of these people have such beautiful lives, living peacefully with themselves, and I am stuck with me?

I took my frustration and self-hatred out on boys and partners, becoming obsessed with the need to have someone love me, whether it be for a night or a couple of months. I started attaching myself to guys no matter how they treated me; at least it took my attention away from having to deal with myself. But I knew there was more to life. I knew this was not what I wanted my future to look like. The idea that “this was it” made me angry. I was unwilling to settle for “this.” It led me on a path to question my life.

I was seeking advice, looking for solutions, and finding out who I was. I started back at the beginning and stripped every layer back. I looked at my root cause and every experience that had led me to where I was, and I started one after the other to work through them and accept it for what it was. I started to find and discover who I was. I become a YouTuber, a social media influencer, a model, all of which had a great impact on who I am today.

With the skills I learned from these businesses, I started to understand business and understand what makes you stand out from the rest, how social media can have a great impact on your business and influence. Not too long after, I found the personal development world where everything started to make sense, which is when I became a mindset coach. Using the skills I had learned through my own personal experience and trainings I had, I started to develop a greater understanding for how people work, how sales work, and how much of an impact our mindset has on our success. After two years of being obsessed with growth and development, I was able to allow myself to love and accept myself. I finally was able to run my own business, and do it properly…without the obsessive negative talk, mindset, and lack of self trust holding me back. In 2020, I moved from mindset coach to business coach! I developed my own strategies and systems for my business now having nailed it through my periods business, which is how I help my clients grow and develop their businesses and get constant leads and clients.

While working a full-time job and with the effects of COVID-19, I knew it was now or never. I invested $5k into my first coaching business while, living payday to payday with little than $4 left in my account each month. I was determined to give myself and my loved ones the lives they deserve, and to help my clients provide an incredible life for themselves and their families as well! The time and love you put into your business will allow you to share that with others. Self-hatred and your internal battle stops you from living. Stops you from creating what you want and living true to your passion. It keeps you in survival mode and doesn’t allow you to grow and thrive. I want to share this because I once suffered from anxiety and depression; I once lived in self-hatred and with limiting beliefs; I wasn’t an A grade student. I was able to get conquer dyslexia. And I have taken life lessons from everything I did to improve myself and utilized this to propel my business. Growing a business will test everything you have, and it’s important to have the backup support and strategies to do it right! Now, I stand here and in front of you, grateful and fulfilled, to lift and inspire you and to testify that I was once there too. Now, I have created a life for myself. I am not special or any different than you.

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: There is another way; life doesn’t have to be this stereotypical life cycle. We are growing in a world that is rapidly changing and open to change. It’s time, now more then ever, to start believing in yourself and creating a life you’re proud of. I spent a lot of my year stuck in a nasty, negative relationship with myself, including self-hating, putting myself down, and self-blaming, which then created the life I had. Dull, boring, depressing, unsuccessful. I was sick and tired of it. I was annoyed that ‘this was it,’ so I made a really big change and started my self-love journey. I’m very proud to say that, two years later, I have created a life I’m proud of. I love and am excited about all because I knew it stopped and started with me, my mindset, and what I focused on.

Q: What does feminism mean to you? 

A: Feminism, to me, means the art of a woman understanding her power, worth, and respecting herself. I believe it’s a woman coming into her own, having that ‘I’m a boss a** b**ch’ feeling and giving herself the permission to be fully self-expressed.

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Woman Wednesday: Jeanette A.

Q and A with Jeanette A., Wilmington, DE

“Never give up on your dreams and, more importantly, never give up on you. You are worthy of all things great!”

Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: My name is Jeanette Applewhaite, and I am the proud owner of PinkTeeBag.com! I started my business shortly after I married my husband eleven years ago. While planning our wedding, I created everything from the ceremony floral arrangements to the bridal bouquets. After I revealed our wedding photos to family and friends, I was hired to decorate and coordinate celebrations. However, I later discovered that I was not only talented with floral arrangements, but I am I also talented in crafting as a whole. Crafting feeds my inner happiness and my soul. I founded Pink Tee Bag in 2018 with the goal of creating positive quotes on tee shirts for the entire family. In 2019, I launched my Carrie Nail Polish line, which I have dedicated to my late mother Carrie C. Bailey. Carrie Nail Polish was developed to pay homage to my mother and our bond of painting our nails together when I was a little girl. Pink Tee Bag is now the home of custom apparel, home décor, Carrie Nail Polish, and…new to the Pink Tee Bag family is…Serene Scents! Hand-poured, soy candles. Pink Tee Bag will also be paying homage to my late father, Wallace Jerome Sudler, in the Spring of 2021 with the Wallace J. Collection–a men’s jewelry line! My passion has always been being a great mother to my two children, Kayla (age 22), and Sean Jr. (age 13), as well as being a great wife to my husband, Sean Sr., and our fur baby, Daisy (5 year old Yorkshire terrier). My passion is also to bring positive vibes and great energy to anyone who is in my presence. I am a strong believer in sprinkling kindness around like its confetti!

Q: What were your younger years like?

A: As a child, I can recall my mother being very creative; I was in awe of my mother’s creativity. She would take old phone books and sculpt them into different abstract shapes to decorate the house. Whenever there was a holiday or birthday, she would always create phenomenal centerpieces or focal points on the dining room table. My parents raised me to be very family-oriented. We enjoyed family traditions like baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and staying up until midnight to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, by my 22nd birthday, both of my parents had passed away. Although I miss them dearly, my husband and I raise our children with the same values and morals that we received from our parents. As for my creative side, I owe this to my mother. I consider myself to be a creative because I am not boxed into one avenue of creativity. While running my business, I am constantly thinking of ways to enhance products and give my customers an experience rather than a purchase. I’ve built my website, pinkteebag.com, to represent a welcoming feeling of comfort and happiness while shopping.

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: I would like others to know that, even when the odds are against you, you are still destined for greatness. I lost both of my parents at a very young age. However, everything that they taught me, I’ve used as a foundation for my success. I constantly think about the morals and values that they both instilled in me and I use that as motivation to keep striving for greatness. Never give up on your dreams and, more importantly, never give up on you. You are worthy of all things great! Also, never allow negative energy to determine your outcome in life. As you put good out into the world, the good will come back to you in ways that you couldn’t imagine! And last, be your own cheerleader. Never get caught up in likes or comments on social media; you have to be your own driving force to your success.

Q: What does feminism mean to you? 

A: Feminism, to me, is to include all people regardless of their gender. I was in education for 17 years; I have held the roles of assistant teacher, teacher, and education coordinator. Currently, I am a family crisis therapist in my state. I have met people of all walks of life, and I pride myself in the respectful relationships that I have gained over the years. I find it imperative to treat all people as an equal; we are all humans who have struggled at some point in our lives. However, as I stated earlier, I tend to sprinkle kindness around like glitter in the hopes that it will make a difference in the way that we treat each other.

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Woman Wednesday: Priya

Q and A with Priya, Chicago, Illinois

“If you can just take a moment and tune into yourself, you’ll get the answers to the right next step.”

Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: I’m a mindset and manifestation coach for women. I love impacting and serving women to live abundant lives powerfully on purpose. I help women work through limiting beliefs, take action towards the life they desire. I also help with business building. I used to run a copywriting business that wasn’t in alignment with it, and it was one of the hardest decisions to let it go to build another business from the ground up. Right now, I’m solely focused on coaching women; however, as my business expands, I’ll be adding food (plant-based) and travel into my business as well as doing in-person events. Right now, I’m in launch for my new program called, “Activating Abundance Mastermind.” This is a 3-month mastermind [course] that teaches women to reprogram their mind, manifest unlimited abundance, and create their big vision. This is for the woman who’s ready to step into her abundant birthright, create her big vision, and attract whatever the hell she wants. In this 3-month mastermind, we’ll have weekly calls on a specific topic or a mastermind call. And you’ll always have an opportunity to ask questions either on a call with me or inside of the private Facebook group. Plus I’m bringing in 6 guest experts. You can find more info here: https://www.xopriyashah.com/

Q: What were your younger years like?

A: I have a background in journalism and it’s what I studied in college. I always loved writing and I use a lot of my content skills in my current business. I grew up and still live in Chicago, IL. I’m an only child and I lost my mom as a teenager. It was a really hard time for me to go through; I feel like the loss of my mother really impacted me to be the woman I am today in business and in life, meaning to never stop believing in the things I desire.

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: It’s really about the willingness to see things differently. It’s very easy to fall into a “pity party parade,” but the answers and guidance are always inside of you. If you can just take a moment and tune into yourself, you’ll get the answers to the right next step.

Q: What does feminism mean to you? 

A: Feminism means knowing that I have the power within to create whatever life I want. I’m currently single, and I do desire a relationship (working on manifesting my king), and I believe that I’m perfectly capable of providing for myself but still having my kind court me. I’m a big believer that we can have it all (the money, the love, the relationships, the ideal clients, the dream home, all of it).

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Woman Wednesday: Annie A.

Q and A with Annie A., South Carolina

“Vulnerability is beautiful.”

Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: I am interested in people. I love intense connections and people who overshare. I’ve also always been drawn towards the spiritual—and I’ve always been an artist. All of those things seemed to funnel me into launching Sweetgrass & Sage.

This year, as violent as it has been for all of us, has been a major catalyst for change for me. I found myself going through an amicable divorce with two sweet babies who I needed to be able to keep at home (both because I am high risk and because my son has special needs), a cross country move, and a 10 year gap in my work history. It was a make it work moment, absolutely. More than that, though, I am a helper, and I realized that I had the opportunity to help other women who are also trying to make it work. We rise by lifting others, and right now so many can use a lift. I believe that the work of women’s hands is it’s own kind of magic, and it is valuable.

Q: What were your younger years like?

A: I was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and grew up in and around Orangeburg. I went to both public and private schools, my dad was a Methodist minister, my mom was an attorney. They’re both full-time grandparents now.

I was adopted at a day and a half old. I always knew it—my birth mother was a phenomenal woman and force of nature; I met her when I was 16. She was also a pagan, something which kind of spurred on my own quest for understanding, for lack of a better way to put it. I was an anxious child and have always found peace in nature and through working with my hands. I love the smell of sawdust; I think it takes me back to working on projects with my dad as a child.

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: Don’t try to fit a mold that wasn’t made for you. Authenticity is contagious. Vulnerability is beautiful. Give yourself permission to be you, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Just be as kind as you can along the way.

Q: What does feminism mean to you? 

A: I come from a long line of feminists. My grandmother was quite an athlete. She had mostly brothers and thought that she could do anything they could do and refused to be told differently. My mother, her daughter, was the first female sports editor of a daily newspaper in South Carolina. She was the first woman in the Clemson Press Box and in Clemson basketball locker room, and remembers the then coach, Frank Howard, as saying, “They’ll let anybody up here now!” She went on to become an attorney. My aunt, Kate Salley Palmer, was one of only three syndicated political cartoonists in the nation—she worked for the Greenville News. Feminism, to me, means the freedom to follow your happy, however you find it. It means the ability to follow your authentic self, whoever you are. You love traditional gender roles? Excellent! You’re a woman welder? Rock on! My focus was on woodworking in college. Want to mix it up? You do you. Women are strong and capable. The badass in me recognizes the badass in you. Feminism means being able to do your thing and supporting other women doing theirs.

Q: What would you like others to know about Sweetgrass & Sage?

A: Sweetgrass & Sage Box has different business model from others because I find the traditional subscription box model to be a little predatory. Integrity is super important for me. I believe, whole heartedly, in the value of artisan quality work, and whereas most of the big name subscription boxes make the businesses pay to be in the box AND provide their product for free, I pay for the product, and my promotion of the woman-owned small businesses I work for is free. They get a little stimulus from box sales, and new people to try their product. The box recipients get a great deal on things they actually want, and each piece is intended to be something they can have as a tangible reminder of their own inner strength. I’m focused on people over profit, and the quality of each piece is top-notch. You’re not going to wind up with 400 jars of moisturizer you’ll never use.

Spring boxes will be fully customizable and tailored to you so that you only get what you want.

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